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The Midnight Gang

Petals- Bed Wetting Mat


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This print was created by Ryhia Dank of Nardurna, a contemporary Aboriginal artist and a Gudanji/Wakaja woman from The Barkley Tablelands.

The story behind the artwork titled 'Petals', is explained here by Ryhia.

"This story is about growth and regeneration, the seeds of many plants from my land have a long and harsh germination period. Some have to go through bush fires, huge wet seasons, droughts and even just years until they are ready. After going through this struggle and becoming the plants we use for medicine and food, we acknowledge and see the journey and in turn honour and thank for the nourishment we received.

It maybe tough at the start but when ready it will be beautiful.”

You can see Ryhia's incredible work here

We have committed to donating a portion of the proceeds from our 'Nardurna X The Midnight Gang' collection to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation who support indigenous children in remote communities by helping to lift their literacy levels so they experience the same choices and opportunities as all children across Australia


Night time accidents are a normal part of growing up. But now you can say GOODBYE to stripping the entire bed and hello to quick and EASY changes. Our Bed Mates are the perfect tool for the management of bedwetting, toilet training or incontinence issues. 

To use, place the Bed Mate ON TOP of the bottom sheet and tuck the wings in underneath the mattress to hold it securely in place. Your child sleeps directly on top of the Bed Mate. When an accident occurs, simply pull the Bed Mate off and your sheets remain perfectly dry. We recommend having a second Bed Mate as a back up.

The Bed Mates with wings are ideal for beds as the wings help to keep the Bed Mate in place during the night. The Bed Mates without wings are best for the couch, floor, pram etc  

Bed Mates are an eco friendly and safe alternative to disposable sheet protectors. They are proudly free from PVC, phthalates, lead and formaldehyde making them a safe option for your baby or child.

They are 100% waterproof, highly absorbent and also breathable ensuring that your child gets a comfortable night's sleep. And best of all, Bed Mates go straight into the washing machine and dryer! 

And most importantly, they are FUN. Our Bed Mates don't look like your typical sheet protectors so kids wont mind having them on their bed. In fact they are so comfy and fun that we think they will be ASKING to have them on their beds!! 


aboriginal artwork on kids bed wetting sheet
$43.16 $53.95

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