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Our 100% waterproof Bed Mates protect your bottom sheets from getting wet so there is no need to strip the entire bed in the middle of the night, allowing you to get back to sleep quicker! They are proudly plastic free, non toxic and free from any nasties. The waterproof membrane in our products is OEKO-TEX certified, giving you peace of mind that our products are completely safe for the youngest members of your family to the oldest!

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We have been using the Midnight gang bed mats for over 5 years now!! They were great when the girls were toilet training, no more having to change the entire bed in the middle of the night. They also come in lots of cute colours and patterns so they don't look bad either :)


I have been using these with my daughters for a few years now. They were a game changer when transitioning from pull ups. We take it in the caravan, to grandparents, hotels etc. Makes any accident so simple to clean in the middle of the night, and only sheet to wash the next day as opposed to many. THANKYOU


When we began using Bed Mates we found that avoiding stripping the entire bed during the night was the biggest life saver! The difference in convenience and the amount of washing in comparison to just a mattress protector made night training SO MUCH more manageable. Love the beautiful pattern on ours and the soft comfortable material used. Highly recommend this product!


The Midnight Gang came highly recommended. Possibly 90% of replies to my insta story were “The Midnight Gang!”. Without a second thought I went online and purchased 1 each for the girls! Gamechanger! They’ve had very few accidents, but when they did it was easy to change! We’ve also used them when the girls caught Gastro from Daycare! The prints were super cute also!


Just wanted to say thank you for sending out the bedmate so quickly, it was an absolute lifesaver last night! So much easier than having to strip the whole bed while my little miss sits there half asleep and upset about having an accident. I can't wait for the restock so that I can order another. Thanks so much again!


Amber TNew South Whales

Just wanted to say I absolutely love your product. I already have 3 bedmates and now want to get some for my daughter. I have to say they are one of the handful of products I would recommend to other mothers!


Meaghan RVictoria

I just wanted to let you know how fabulous the Bed Mates are and how much my little boy loves them! It’s given him so much more confidence with his toilet training and he loves the dinosaur print, a huge plus with a child who has anxiety about any changes to his environment! Thanks again!


Candice WNew South Whales

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your awesome sheet protectors. My 3.5yr old is currently beating my 5 yo at the 'first out of nappies' I'm just about to order another 2 of them, so I can have 2 for each kid...just incase! They have come everywhere with us! Thank you! 


Sally BWestern Australia

I've been meaning to say for such a long time now how much we love the waterproof mats, they're so good! Never had any leaks even with a big wee in the night, and so easy to change! I even overheard my hubby telling his mates about them the other day! :-)


Sarah PSouth Australia

These are the best. Had ours for years and still in amazing condition.


KatrinaNew South Whales