About Us

Hi there, welcome to The Midnight Gang.

Having three small children myself, the one thing that I find all parents have in common is issues surrounding sleep....or lack thereof! So I decided to start a brand that was all about sleep and making sleep time as fun and as positive as possible.
We designed a range of stunning GOTS certified organic cotton quilted blankets and pillow cases and commissioned an Australian artist to design the artwork for our products. This ensured that not only did kids fall in love with the prints, but Mum and Dad did too! They are not only the perfect weight for any season, but are also a beautiful design piece to add to any room.
Then after having a few night time accidents with our eldest, we developed our newest product, the Bed Mates. They are 100% waterproof sheet protectors that go ON TOP of the bottom sheet meaning when an accident occurs, you simply remove the Bed Mate and the bed and sheets stay perfectly dry, eliminating the need to strip the entire bed in the middle of the night! They feature our signature prints, are breathable and 100% waterproof, are non toxic and PVC free and are so super soft that kids actually want to sleep on them!
We also offer AfterPay allowing you and your little ones to get a good nights sleep sooner rather than later!  

Along the way, we will also offer a range of sleep resources that we believe in because we have used them ourselves such as books, sleep charts, meditations etc 

We really hope you love it here, and we look forward to having you in our gang!

Angelique xx