About Us

Night time accidents are a normal part of growing up. But bed wetting can be a hassle for parents, and for older children it can even be an embarrassing issue. Believe me, I should know! I was 9 before I stopped wetting the bed and the most embarrassing element of it all was the horrid plastic sheets I had to use.
My 6 year old daughter had the very same issue and I just couldn’t put her through the same thing I experienced so, I researched far and wide for a solution. I wanted to find a safe, non-toxic, no plastic sheet protector for her that she actually wanted to have on her bed. I also wanted to find a way to eliminate having to strip the entire bed when an accident occurred. I remember those stiff plastic sheets being so uncomfortable and the hassle changing the whole bed caused in the wee hours of the morning! Lo and behold, there was actually nothing like it on the market.
So, The Midnight Gang was born. We make waterproof sheet protectors that are absorbent, stylish, comfortable and completely free from nasties. And best of all, they go on top of the fitted sheet so mums and dads don’t ever need to worry about stripping the bed in the middle of the night again! 
We hope you love our products just as much as we do, they’ve certainly been a game changer in our household.


Angelique x