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Absolutely. We recommend washing your Bed Mates on a gentle machine cycle with a maximum water temperature of 30C.
No. Please do not use fabric softeners, bleach, vinegar or any harsh products as they will damage the waterproof membrane and will compromise the effectiveness of the product.
es! Our products are dryer safe however please make sure you use the low heat setting as high heat can damage the waterproof membrane. If you live in an extremely hot climate also, it is best to dry your Bed Mates in the shade
You sure can! We have had reports of customers using our Bed Mates for wee, vomit, breast milk, periods, waters breaking, spilt bottles and the list goes on! If it spills, our Bed Mates can handle it!
As an experienced mum of 3 who has had her fair share of bed wetting accidents I can confidently say that you would need at least 2 Bed Mates. If one gets wet during the night, you need another one to be able to replace it as I can tell you now, kids don’t always wet the bed just once during the night! If you are needing the Bed Mates during winter then possibly 3 or 4 may even be best as they can take a little while to dry due to their high absorbency.
Absolutely. We are so passionate about doing everything we can to keep our valued customers happy. So if you need to return your Bed Mate for whatever reason, please contact us via email as soon as possible. For more details please refer to our Return Policy at the bottom of our website.
All or Bed Mates come with wings, as they help the Bed Mate to stay in place. However we also offer the single without wings as this is perfect for the couch, caravan beds or even the floor for tummy time or nappy changes.
For a full description of sizes and dimensions please refer to our sizing chart at the bottom of our website.
The little beauties are a must have for any family with a baby! They are made in the same way as our Bed Mates however they are an oval shape measuring 30cm x 70cm, which means they are small enough to pop in your nappy bag. The uses they have are endless however some of the most popular uses are over your shoulder for burping, on your lap for breast/bottle feeding, on the rug for tummy time or nappy changes, in the pram for any little spit ups etc