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#HackTheHolidays - Top 6 Products to Make Any Holiday Enjoyable

#HackTheHolidays - Top 6 Products to Make Any Holiday Enjoyable
As December fast approaches, there is one thing on all of ours minds…Summer Holidays! It’s one of the perks of living in Australia during Christmas. Our long and warm holidays. But once we add kids to the mix, holidays take on a very different meaning! It’s not just feet up by the pool sipping on cocktails anymore, but now we have to think about snacks, activities, sleep routines, outfits for every weather occasion etc. So what are the #HackTheHolidays tips to ensure the holidays are stress free and relaxing, even with little people in tow?
Below are 6 top #HackTheHolidays products and tips that every family needs to take with them on their holidays. You’ll never know what you did without them! And the best part is, they are all small Aussie businesses.
pakease packing cubes
1. Love travel, loathe packing? Pakease Packing Cubes
If there is one downfall with holidays it’s the packing. It’s not so bad putting everything neatly into the suitcase but that’s about where the positives end. It doesn’t take long before the contents are strewn throughout your hotel room and trying to find what your looking for often ends up being frustrating and difficult. Enter packing cubes. These durable packing bags come in a variety of different sizes to help keep your things neat and organised. There are some with mesh to allow air ventilation, some have PVC lining for your toiletries and everything finally has a dedicated section. These have been game changing on our holidays. At the end of the holiday we even sort them into clean/dirty bags so when we arrive home the dirty bag can be taken straight to the laundry. It’s saved us so much time and hassle!
Price- $55
 Goodeau powdered body wash
2. Lighten the Load with Goodeau Elsewhere Powdered Body Wash
    If you’ve ever been travelling, you have most probably experienced a) the hassle of packing large shampoo/conditioner bottles as well as body wash and b) those bottles leaking! This powdered body wash by Goodeau solves both those problems. It is a powdered version of shampoo/facewash/bodywash in a tiny, concentrated bottle. Add some water to your hands along with the powder and voila! One small bottle is equivalent to approximately 1 litre of liquid wash, making it exceptionally light and travel friendly. They smell divine too and the best part is they are safe even for sensitive skin. I couldn’t believe how well this powdered body wash worked. My kids think it’s like a magic trick!
    Price- $33
     The Midnight Gang Bed Mates
    3. Save the sheets, Save the friendship. Say no to Soggy Accidents - Bed Mates
      The embarrassment when you child wets the bed whilst sleeping at someone else’s house can be enormous.  Save the embarrassment and the mattress with Bed Mates that go on top of the fitted sheet so if there is an accident in the middle of the night, all the sheets and mattress underneath are protected and there is no need to strip the entire bed. 100% waterproof and super absorbent, they are perfect for gastro, blood noses and bed wetting accidents…. things you DON’T want to deal with in someone else’s house! No one wants to lose their Airbnb bond over a wet bed! I always have 2 with me whenever we stay away from home. If one gets wet we have a spare!
      Price- from $59.95
      mapley silicone bento boxes
      4. One box – Many Uses - Silicone Bento Box
      Bento boxes are a game changer for any parent. Easy to store snacks and have food on the ready for any trip or holiday. But silicone bento boxes take this to a whole new level. They are unbreakable, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe, HOLIDAY safe!! Bring them to the beach to collect shells or take them with you in the car, these are game changers! And because they are silicone they fit in bags better as they aren’t as rigid as the plastic or metal boxes. I love using the small containers for my overnight oats and I LOVE that you can even bake in these! The only thing these boxes can’t do is cook for you 😉
      Price- from $36
       Play Cards
      5. Device free fun- Adventure Play Cards
      It seems every childhood specialist is telling us to get our kids playing outside, and for good reason. Back in the good old days, kids lived outside during Christmas holidays. There were no iPads or on-demand TV shows. Kids were outside from dawn until the streetlights came on, and could swat a mosquito with the best of them. These play cards are designed for kids up to the age of 10 and come with 24 inspired activity cards to get kids back outside, having fun, where they belong! There are heaps of different decks to choose from but my favourite is the Supermarket Science deck. When it’s raining or the kids are getting restless I pull out the deck and let them choose an experiment. They absolutely love the activities in this deck and it always leads to their own variations and ideas. Super easy to pack with you on holidays, these will save your sanity when the dreaded ‘I’m bored’ starts mumbling out of little mouths!
      Price- $28
       kabl crossbody phone case
      6. Stay connected, but with your hands free! Kabl Crossbody Phone Cases
        Holiday trips mean quite literally, all hands on deck. You need to be an octopus to keep everything sorted. Hands free for getting the snacks, hands free for finding the water bottles, hands free to hold onto children so they don’t get lost and don’t forget, hands free so you can hold the most important thing, your phone! These crossbody phone cases keep your phone safe and your hands free, while also looking super stylish. No dropped phones in public toilets! I especially love using this for when I walk my dog. I hate holding my phone and it’s annoying in my tight active wear leggings. It has made my walks so much easier and more enjoyable!
        Price- $55
        I hope you love these awesome products, all by small Aussie businesses. They have been game changers in our family while on holidays, I hope you love them too. Happy Holidays!


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