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How to Change the World

How to Change the World

Can you imagine an ocean where there is more plastic floating around than fish? It’s unimaginable, right? Unfortunately, that is the prediction of some scientists for the year 2050. That’s right, this dystopian like world, is less than three decades a way. 8 million tonnes of trash are horrifically dumped into our beautiful, Australian oceans every single year. Tragically, over one-million marine animals have their lives taken each year due to plastic making it into their homes. Their homes, which we have had the privilege of sharing with for millions of years are now deteriorating as a result of our every-day rubbish consumption. 84% of the rubbish that has been analysed on our beaches, consists of plastic. This shouldn’t be surprising as each year, the average Australian consumes 130 kg of plastic; but with only around 12% of it getting repurposed. However, it is not too late!


Howard Zinn famously once said, “we don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” This philosopher was correct with his thinking, every day there are ways we can perform small acts to change the world. One of the first, and arguably, most crucial, is to reduce our use of plastic consumption. Especially, single-use plastic.


There’s no denying, that when you are going through the glorious motions of toilet training your little one, there are always bound to be “accidents.” Especially, through the night! This is why our Midnight Gang Waterproof Bed Mates are an amazing aid for this important time in your child’s development. What makes them so amazing, is that by choosing a Midnight Gang Waterproof Bed Mate over a disposable bed wetting mat you are doing your part to help the environment. Unlike the disposable bed wetting mat which is created solely to be disposed of after one use, the Midnight Gang Waterproof Bed Mate can be used time and time again! Similar to a cloth nappy, they have a biodegradable, breathable and waterproof membrane that is attached to the bottom layer of the cotton via a heat transfer. They also have OEKO-TEX certification for the waterproof membrane, which implies that every component of this piece has been evaluated for dangerous compounds and that the product is therefore safe for human health. In contrast, disposable bed wetting mats typically consist of a nonwoven top sheet that allows urine to pass through, followed by a thin absorbent layer bonded to a plastic waterproof backing. Once these disposable bed wetting mats have been used, there is only a few places they end up; either landfill where they could take up to 5000 years to decompose whilst leaking pollutants into our soil or they are blown straight into our rivers and oceans.


So please, do your part to help transform the world. Be part of the solution and not the problem; avoid products that are intended for single-use.  After all, the year 2050 isn’t that far away.


Written by Megan Jolly


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