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Six Surprising Benefits of Breathing Techniques for Children and Adults

Six Surprising Benefits of Breathing Techniques for Children and Adults


It's no secret that the buzz words these days are 'wellness', 'meditation', 'mind, body, spirit',  But are they just fluff and sprinkles? Or is there merit to them?


In 2016 I learnt how to meditate properly by an experienced meditation teacher from the US. It was not affiliated with any spiritual practice, but was based on the biological and physiological evidence that had come out of many studies undertaken. My meditation teacher actually had his brain (and many others) wired up to machines to record the brain activity and the different chemicals that were being released and the amount. Crazy stuff! But also incredible to see the very real impacts meditation and other calming techniques have on the entire body.


Below is one of the techniques that is incredibly easy, popular and practical with people of all ages able to practise it, including young children. It's called 'Belly Breathing'.

child sitting in the forest relaxed with the sun beaming through the trees

Belly breathing, also known as diaphragmatic breathing, is a breathing technique that involves breathing deeply into the belly rather than shallowly into the chest. This type of breathing has numerous benefits for both physical and mental health, including:

  1. Reducing stress and anxiety: Belly breathing can activate the body's relaxation response, which helps to reduce stress and anxiety. It can also help to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

  2. Improving respiratory function: Belly breathing can help to improve respiratory function by strengthening the diaphragm muscle and increasing oxygenation of the blood.

  3. Lowering blood pressure: Deep breathing can help to lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

  4. Enhancing athletic performance: Belly breathing can improve athletic performance by increasing endurance, oxygen uptake, and reducing lactic acid buildup.

  5. Improving digestion: Belly breathing can help to stimulate the digestive system and improve gastrointestinal function.

  6. Enhancing mindfulness and meditation: Deep breathing can help to enhance mindfulness and meditation practices by increasing focus and reducing distractions.


Who knew!! So many incredible benefits, just from breathing!! Belly Breathing is a simple yet powerful technique that can have numerous benefits for both physical and mental health. It can be easily incorporated into daily life and can help to promote a greater sense of relaxation, well-being, and overall health. And best of all, kids can learn to do it and can use it anywhere. So the next time they're at school and feeling worried or scared, they can do some deep belly breathing and the benefits will be immediate!


I would love to know if you try this yourself or with your kids, or if you use any other techniques that help you! Reach out any time.


Angelique x


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